Free Installation

Quick and Easy Installation in as little as a day

Free installation on custom blinds, shades, curtains and drapes, wooden flooring, carpets, interiors fixtures and decorative hardware.

Free and ease establishment offers don't give you a ton of on the far side the perfect least. However you for the most part must be constrained to rise above the base even to initiate the issue put in legitimately.

Our workers can ensure your establishment is finished rapidly and with the most extreme skill. Your fulfillment is ensured and our stock are secured with a period warranty.

Some additional charge decisions that I examine reasonably or completely discretionary:

  • Our confirmed work force painstakingly experience your current surfaces and construct a case to get every detail remedy. Your new ledges are made-up in our hunt hence that none of the long wreckage happens in your home. On establishment day, we convey them completed and arranged to put in.
  • In only one day, your delightful new ledges are set up and for good secure to your late ones. Moment new kitchen with no pulverization and no downtime!

    A Granite Transformation to a standard size room ledge and back sprinkle should take one to two days.
  • It truly is a ledge that matches on high. A combination of a portion of the world's finest stone, consolidated with cutting edge fabricating abilities, delivers a lightweight, solid, sturdy, shake hard surface.

    From kitchens to bathrooms, chimneys to bars, stone gives you a smooth, modern look. The specialists at Curtains and Sofa can do it for you amid a way that makes sense and obliges the greater part of your wants.

    Our specialists can deal with your establishment rapidly, truly, and with the most extreme polished methodology.
  • Moving the Furniture: An overwhelming obligation assignment, however not one that ought to be performed by ground surface installers.
  • Removal and Disposal of Old Flooring: If you are not up to the assignment of putting in your own deck, you're not up to the undertaking of evacuating the late item. It can disappoint, burdensome work. Be that as it may, you will lease anybody to attempt to the work.